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Bow Garden Club President Beverly Gamlin presented a copy of the book “The Frightened Frog” to Bow's Baker Free Library on June 7th in commemoration of “National Garden Week” which was June 3rd through June 10th this year. The book was purchased from National Garden Clubs, Inc., (NGC) and the authors are NGC members. The book can be purchased for $10 from NGC at  “The Frightened Frog is “An Environmental Tale” which describes the challenges of being a frog and takes the reader on a journey of learning about frogs, amphibians and their habitats, while educating them about the environmental issues affecting amphibians today. The book was utilized in a display for the library and its patrons. Bow Garden Club member Susan Johnson creating a floral design interpreting the subject and cover of the book. Johnson is a National Garden Clubs’ accredited Master Flower Show Judge. 


(L-R) Lori Fisher, Director of the Baker Free Library in Bow accepts the Bow Garden Club's donation of the book "The Frightened Frog" commemorating National Garden Week. (June 3-10) from Beverly Gamlin, BGC President. Member Susan Johnson looks on.


Susan Johnson's floral interpretation of the book "The Frightened Frog", an integral part of the Bow Garden Club's "National Garden Week" display at the Library.


The 84th Annual Meeting of the NH Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. was held on May 24, 2017 at Birch Wood Vineyards in Derry, NH.  It was beautifully hosted by the District IV garden clubs of Atkinson, Derry, Epping, Fremont, Sandown, and Windham.  There were 135 in attendance ...  a terrific turnout for the event.  View lots of pictures from that day in the Photo Gallery called 2017 Annual Meeting at  
Eleanor Morrison (NHFGC's Awards Chair) presented the following awards:

NHFGC  Awards

#1-A Largest number of club members at the Fall Meeting: Old Homestead GC;
#1-B Highest percentage of club members at the Fall meeting: Claremont GC;
#2 Barbara Colp Garden Therapy Award ($25): Old Homestead GC;
#3Debbi Nutter Landscape Award for highest scoring landscape project incorporating native plants: Mountain GC;
#4-Eva Shirley Award for their Civic Development project: Sandown GC;
#6 The Governor’s Award, for having made the greatest contribution toward the beautification of their town or city: Sandown GC;
#8 Joyce Kimball Horticulture Award ($25) for having stimulated an interest and better understanding of horticulture to the public: Derry GC;  
#9 Margaret M Hartford Conservation Award for outstanding work in conservation and/or conservation education: Sandown GC;
#19 Take a Child by the Hand Award ($50) for having done the most to involve children in garden-related activities: Derry GC;
#22 Diane McMillen Membership Award for the highest increase in membership in 2016: Old Homestead GC; 
#28-1Community Improvement Award for Civic Development: Manchester GC;
#28-2 Community Improvement Award for Roadside Improvement: Atkinson GC.

Yearbook Award #19
Small Size Club: 1st Place, Hooksett GC, 2nd Place, Fitzwilliam GC;
Small/Medium Size Club: 1st  Place New Hampton GC; 2nd Place, Bow G.C; Medium Size Club:1st Place Atkinson GC;  2nd Place, Peterborough GC; 
3rd  Place, Old Homestead GC; Hon. Mention,  Goffstown GC; Hon. Mention,  Manchester GC;  Hon. Mention,  Windham GC;
Medium/Large Club: 1st Place, Derry GC;
Large Size Club 1st Place, Mountain GC; 2nd  Place, New London GC.

Scrapbook Award #14
Small Size Club, 1st Place, Fitzwilliam GC; 2nd  Place, Fremont GC;
Small/Medium Size Club 1st Place, Goffstown GC;  2nd Place, New Hampton  GC; Medium Size Club1st Place, Derry GC; 2nd Place, Bow GC; 3rd  Place, Atkinson GC; Medium/Large Size Club 1st Place, Old Homestead GC;
Large Size Club1st Place, Opechee GC;  2nd Place, Mountain GC;

NHFGC Community Star Award #10 (Awarded to a non-garden club individual at the community level for their contribution of time or materials that directly benefited the community): District I, Russ Lanoie, nominated by Mountain Garden Club:
District II, Dan Freeman, nominated by Bow Garden Club; 
District IV, George Vargish, nominated by Sandown Garden Club.

Order of the Purple Finch Award #11 (Honors an outstanding member(s) of the Federation for their continued service): Jane Goodwin of Atkinson GC and Blanche Garone of Derry GC.

Silver Seal Citation #15 (Awarded to a club member for their special contribution to the work of their local garden club): Susan Johnson, nominated by Bow Garden Club; Linda Dowal, nominated by New Hampton Garden Club; Ellen Witherell,  nominated by Atkinson Garden Club; Patti Mazzone, nominated by Ashland Garden Club; Bonnie Flahive, nominated by Manchester Garden Club.

85th Anniversary Certificate – New Hampton Garden Club

85th Anniversary Certificate – Fitzwilliam Garden Club

55th Anniversary Certificate – Peterborough Garden Club

20th Anniversary Certificate – Hooksett Garden Club

NHFGC President’s District Award #13 (Awarded to the District that has most advanced the objectives of the NH Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. and National Garden Clubs in the previous year). Awarded to: The District II Garden Clubs of Bow, Goffstown, Hooksett, Manchester and Opechee.

National Garden Club Awards

Ashland GC: Awarded the Tommy Donnan Certificate of Merit #13-1 Aii for their procedural publication “Say What”; Derry GC: Certificate of Commendation #16-Aiv for their Yearbook and Certificate of Merit #44 Aiii for their Publicity Press Book #44; Hooksett GC: Tommy Donnan Certificate of Merit #13-5 Ai for their Membership Publication--First Place; Mountain GC: #13-5 Aiv, Certificate of Appreciation for their  Membership Publication, Extra Large Club; Certificate of Merit #27 Radio and/or TV for their “Art in Bloom” production--Overall Winner; Opechee GC: Certificate of Merit for #44 Aiv, #44 Publicity Press Book; Sandown GC: Certificate of Commendation for #43 ai for conducting the most comprehensive project on Butterflies—a Butterfly Way Station. - First Place

Member Award of Honor:  Blanche Garone, of the Derry Garden Club was awarded the prestigious “Member Award of Honor”. This may be awarded, one per region per year, honoring a member of the region whose volunteer efforts over a period of five or more years has made outstanding contributions to their club and community, in one or more of the following areas: civic development, horticulture therapy, youth activities, conservation, landscape design, horticulture, floral design, or all-around excellence.

Photography Contest:  Bow Garden Club member Cathy Ahrens was a finalist in the National Garden Club’s (NGC) Photo Contest, having two of her photographs selected to be displayed during the NGC’s recent National Convention held in Richmond, Virginia National President’s First Choice. 


Here are the 2017 Boston Flower Show entries  by NH designers:

Linda Paré (Ashland GC) - Her Creative Design, "Invisibility", received a Blue Ribbon and a Designer's Choice Award.




Linda Paré also entered a design class specifying the use of thorns and roses, and received a high Second Place with a score of 90+.



Gail Bartlett (Peterborough GC)- Her Creative Stretch Design, "Transformation" received Third Place.



Fern Doucette (Ashland GC) received a high 2nd place with 90+ points for her Creative Stretch Design, "Transformation".


Mary Ellen Sienkiwiecz (Old Homestead GC) received a high 2nd Place with 90+ points for her Creative Design, "Wall Crawling".



Susan Johnson (Bow GC) was awarded Second Place for her Creative Design, "Invisibility".


Tracey Burhoe (Ashland GC) received an Honorable Mention for her Creative Design, "Invisibility".


Michelle Mensinger (Derry GC) took high honors with her "In the 20th Century Manner" Design entitled "Strength", receiving a Blue Ribbon, a Tri-Color Ribbon of Distinction, and the coveted Marie Hancock Award.


Blanche Garone (Derry GC) received a Blue Ribbon for her Transparency entry, "X-Ray".



Joanne Krause (Atkinson GC) received an Honorable Mention for the Creative Design she entered, "Wall Crawling".


Thirteen (13) NH floral designers entered the 2017 Boston Flower & Garden Show “Super Hero’s of the Garden” and many Top Awards were received ... several for the first time!

Tuesday entries – 3/21/17       Div. I          “Super Hero’s”

Blanche Garone   Derry GC           Transparency               “X-Ray”                        Blue                               

Pat Bennett          Atkinson GC        Freedom of Style           “Invisibility”                 3 rd                       

Joanne Krause    Atkinson GC        Freedom of Style           “Wall Crawling”           HM            

Linda Paré          Ashland GC         Freedom of Style           “Invisibility”                  Blue                                                                                                                                 and Designer’s Choice Award


Div. II          “Champions Among Us”

Linda Paré          Ashland GC    Must use thorns & roses    “Game of Thorns”       2nd 90+  

Sue Cram            New Hampton GC                                     “Brace Yourself”         Blue    
                  A cuff bracelet “Wonder Woman” all dried plant material           and   Artisan Award                                                                                                                                    (stays in place for duration)

Sue Cram          New Hampton GC  A Steampunk Design “Super Pollinator’s”     2nd 90+ 

Sue Cram          New Hampton GC  Traditional Line Mass design  “Legends in their own Time”   Blue   

Carol Weiss      Claremont GC      Bracelet of all dried plant material  “Brace Yourself”        2nd    


Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts and Mass. Horticulture Top Awards and National Garden Club Awards

 Sue Cram   NGC Award for Major Non-Standard Flower Show for her bracelet.
                     Must be blue ribbon scoring 95+, given once for entire show, and only at Boston
                    and Atlanta, GA shows. A medal.

 Linda PareGCFM Barbara D. May Award of Design Excellence
                       Must be blue ribbon, Div I, highest number of points in designer’s choice class, given
                       once for entire show.


Friday entries – 3/24/17                 Div. I          “Super Hero’s”

Michelle Mensinger       Derry GC        In the 20th century manner     “Strength”     Blue and Tricolor                                                                                                           
Gail Bartlett        Peterborough GC      Creative Stretch Design         “Transformation”         3rd        

Fern Doucette     Ashland GC               Creative Stretch Design          “Transformation”        2nd 90+       

Linda Paré          Ashland GC               Creative Stretch Design          “Transformation”        HM            

Fern Doucette     Ashland GC             Transparency Design             “X-Ray”                       3rd              

Sue Johnson        Bow GC                     Freedom of Style                    “Invisibility”                 2nd            

Tracey Burhoe    Ashland GC               Freedom of Style                    “Invisibility”                 HM            

Judy Gray     formerly Ashland GC       Freedom of Style                  “Wall Crawling”          Blue    
              now Bayberry GC, Bristol RI                                                         and Designer’s Choice Award

Mary Ellen Sienkiewicz  Old Homestead GC        Freedom of Style   “Wall Crawling”         2nd 90+   


Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts and Mass. Horticulture Top Awards and National Garden Club Awards

 Judy Gray           Garden Club of America Certificate of Excellence in Flower Arranging – given for
                              an exhibit of great distinction. Given once for entire show.

                             GCFM - The Clare Richards Award, a plaque that best exemplifies the sensitivity of 
color. Not to be a blue ribbon entry, given once for entire show.  

                             Mass. Hort. Award - The John Taylor Arms Award is given to the blue ribbon entry
                             receiving highest number of points. All first prize entries are point scored, given once
                             for entire show.

Sue Johnson, Bow GC, won this same Award at Boston 2016 for a breath-taking design.

Michelle Mensinger – Marie Hancock Cook Certificate of Merit for achievement in traditional flower arranging. The arrangement must be a blue ribbon entry, receiving the highest number of points in a class of Traditional Design. Design type or period must be stated in the schedule, given once for entire show.

Fern Doucette - The Diane Bullock Award is a silver trophy, or picture of it, for most original interpretation of class theme and uses an adventurous combination of plant material and components. Blue ribbon not eligible, given once for entire show.


Click here to see photos from the Atkinson Garden Club's floral and art exhibit 'Petals and Palettes' that was held on March 24 -25, 2017 at the Atkinson Resort and Country Club in Atkinson, NH.  Once you have selected the specific gallery, use the 'Filmstrip' method to display any caption with a photo.

The NH Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. held its 83rd Annual Meeting on May 25, 2016 at the Manchester Country Club in Bedford, NH.  It was beautifully hosted by the District II garden clubs - Bow, Goffstown Community, Hooksett, Manchester, and Opechee (Gilford/Laconia).  There were 126 in attendance ...  a very good number for the event.  Eleanor Morrison (NHFGC's Awards Chair) presented the following awards:

NHFGC General Awards 
#1-A: Largest number of club members at the fall conference-Derry Garden Club 
#1-B: Highest percentage of club members at the fall conference-Hooksett Garden Club
 #2-A: Barbara Colp Garden Therapy Award ($25) -New Hampton Garden Club 
#3: Debbi Nutter Landscape Award-Green and Lilac Rosette- Ashland Garden Club 
#8: Joyce Kimball Horticulture Award ($25)- Derry Garden Club 
#19: Take a Child by the Hand Award ($50) – Derry Garden Club 
#28-5-iv: NHFGC Community Improvement Restoration Historic Trails- Mountain Garden Club 

NHFGC Yearbook Award #19 
Small Size Club: 1st Fitzwilliam Garden Club, 2nd Hooksett Garden Club 
Small/Medium Size Club: 1st New Hampton Garden Club, 2nd Bow Garden Club 
Medium Size Club: 1st Atkinson Garden Club, 2nd Windham Garden Club, 3rd Old Homestead Garden Club, HR Goffstown Community Garden Club 
Medium/Large Club: 1st Derry Garden Club 
Large Size Club: 1st Mountain Garden Club, 2nd New London Garden Club 

NHFGC Scrapbook Award #14 
Small Size Club: 1st Fitzwilliam Garden Club, 2nd Fremont Garden Club
Small/Medium Size Club: 1st New Hampton Garden Club, 2nd Bow Garden Club 
Medium Size Club: 1st Old Homestead Garden Club, 2nd Atkinson Garden Club, 3rd Goffstown Community Garden Club 
Medium/Large Size Club: 1st Derry Garden Club 
Large Size Club: 1st Opechee Garden Club, 2nd Mountain Garden Club 

NHFGC Community Star Award #10
District 1: Eugene Otis Nominated by New Hampton Garden Club 
District 4: Christine Lewis Morse Nominated by Atkinson Garden Club 

NHFGC Silver Seal Citation #15 
Jean Vickery - Nominated by Atkinson Garden Club 
Lolly Fleming - Nominated by Derry Garden Club 
Marge Dyer -  Nominated by Opechee Garden Club 
Rachel Schnyer - Nominated by Old Homestead Garden Club 
Beverly Gamlin - Nominated by Bow Garden Club 
Virginia Haas - Nominated by New Hampton Garden Club 
Kitty Koziell - Nominated by Mountain Garden Club 

NHFGC Certificate for Increase in Membership: Bow Garden Club, Fremont Garden Club, Manchester Garden Club, Mountain Garden Club, New Hampton Garden Club, Old Homestead Garden Club, and Peterborough Garden Club.

65th Anniversary Certificate - Atkinson Garden Club 

NHFGC President’s District Award – District IV Garden Clubs of: Atkinson, Derry, Epping, Fremont, Sandown and Windham.

Both Eleanor Morrison and President Jane Goodwin presented the following National Garden Club Awards:
13-5-A-iv Publication Membership Brochure: Tied 1st Place – Mountain Garden Club

50-A-iv Historic Preservation: 1st Place – Mountain Garden Club

Certificates in Appreciation of Awards Participation: Sandown Garden Club and Hooksett Garden Club.

SMALL CLUB: Sandown Garden Club, 1st (s)29 members & under 
MEDIUM CLUB: New Hampton Garden Club, 1st (ii) 30-59 members 
LARGE CLUB: Old Homestead Garden Club, 1st (iii.) 60-99 members Derry Garden Club, 2nd 
EX-LARGE CLUB: Opechee Garden Club, 1st (iv) 100+ members Mountain Garden Club, 2nd 

Small Club: SANDOWN G.C. - 1st Place 
Medium Club: NEW HAMPTON G.C. - Honorable Mention 
Large Club, OLD HOMESTEAD G.C. - 2nd Place
Extra-Large Club, OPECHEE G.C. - 1st Place 

Along with the annual business meeting, nice luncheon and awards presentation, attendees thoroughly enjoyed the "Tablescapes for Every Day Celebrations" presented by Marie St. Onge, the owner and designer of Paisley Floral Design Studio in Manchester, NH.

The NHFGC sponsored a booth at this year's Farm and Forest Expo which was held Jan 22 and 23, 2016 at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, NH. 
(L to R) Joyce Kimball (NHFGC's First VP, Membership Chair, and Publicity Chair),  Jane Goodwin (NHFGC President), and Janet Hansen (Hooksett Garden Club member).

This map displayed the 20 federated garden clubs in NH (as of January 2016).  There were other posters which displayed the following information ... 

In 2015 the combined membership of the New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. contributed the following to their communities: 

  • 18,286 hours of community service for Civic Beautification,(planning, planting, weeding, watering, clean up, and many other special projects).
  • Reached out to approximately 777 of our Senior Citizens through Senior Outreach and Garden Therapy projects involving flower arranging workshops, assistance with planting and growing flowers and/or vegetables and other appropriate activities.
  • Inspired more than 382 young people to learn how to grow vegetables and flowers, to create floral designs, and to construct special Youth Exhibits to enter in local and state Flower Shows. Young gardeners also helped out with town clean-ups and planting projects. Elementary School-age children participated in the National Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl poster contest, sponsored by the US. Forestry Service and National Garden Clubs, Inc., and competed in the National Garden Clubs’ Annual Poetry Contest; High School students competed in the National Garden Club's Annual Essay Contest .
  • The New Hampshire Federation donated $2,600 in scholarships to 3 college students, from its meager budget as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, adding to the $25,125 in scholarships awarded by its member clubs. $27,625 was awarded to High School and/or College students interested in Botany, Conservation, Environmental Studies, or other related subjects such as Forestry, Composting, Water Quality, etc.

We also took part in the FARMO game for the younger attendees who had to answer our question "What does the endangered monarch butterfly need to survive?"  When they answered correctly (Milkweed), they could add a sticker to their playing card and if they completely covered their card,  they'd win a prize.  Many people stopped by the booth with their children, as a result.

The NH Judges Council held their flower show, Let's Party, on November 5, 2015 at the White Rock Senior Living Community in Bow, NH.  Here are some pictures and information from the show ...

Horticulture Div. Entries    Horticulture Div. Pictures     Design Div. Pictures     Photo Div. Pictures      

Summary of the 2015 NGC/NER Annual Meeting by Joyce Kimball, Meeting Chairman

The New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. hosted the 2015 New England Region (NER) Annual Meeting in Portsmouth on October 20-21. The venue was the Portsmouth Harbor Events & Conference Center at Portwalk Place located within the newly built Portsmouth Cluster. Eighty-eight members represented the six New England state organizations of National Garden Clubs, Inc.  Attendees enjoyed a cocktail reception on Tuesday evening honoring NER Director Vera Bowen from Rhode Island and special guest NGC President Sandra Robinson of London, Kentucky which was followed by dinner and a program. Erik Wochholz, Curator of Portsmouth’s Strawbery Banke presented his program “An Historical Journey Through the Evolution of Floral Design in New England” and displayed several period floral pieces reminiscent of past eras created with flowers and greenery raised at Strawbery Banke. The organization’s 81st annual meeting was held the next day, followed by the airing of New England native Peter E. Randall’s documentary film “Celia Thaxter’s Island Garden”. Randall is an acclaimed photographer, historian and author of 14 books, many about the New England coastline.

An Awards Luncheon was then held where the state presidents were presented with the awards earned by their state for various accomplishments, having met the criteria outlined within the slate of NER awards available. The Old Homestead Garden Club of Swanzey was presented with the Mary Stone Garden Therapy Award for their continuing garden therapy program which reaches nine Assisted Living, Nursing Home and Adult Daycare facilities in the Keene area; The Atkinson Garden Club was presented with the following awards in regard to their recent Standard Flower Show “A Patriotic Flower Show”: the Virginia Kenny/Maureen Colton Award for their excellent Horticulture Division, a Certificate of Recognition for their Special Exhibit “Acadia National Park” and the Maureen Colton Award for their outstanding Angular Designs; The Mountain Garden Club received a Certificate of Recognition for their teamwork associated with the planting of several large gardens at Storyland. First place awards for Club Yearbooks were presented to: The Derry Garden Club (45-69 members) and the Mountain Garden Club (100-299 members); The Sandown Garden Club received 1st place distinction for their 2014 Publicity Press Book (Small Club) and the Mountain Garden Club received 1st Place distinction in the Extra Large Club category. Virginia Grand Pre´ of Stoddard and the Old Homestead Garden Club was presented with a  special proclamation acknowledging her for her many years of service to the New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc, the New England Region and National Garden Clubs, Inc. by NHFGC President Jane Goodwin, accompanied by NER Director Bowen and NGC President Robinson.

Virginia GrandPre´ from Stoddard, a member of the Old Homestead Garden Club, receives a proclamation from NHFGC for her many years of service to the state, regional, and national garden club organizations.  Pictured l-r: Vera Bowen, Virginia GrandPre´, and Jane Goodwin.
Click here for the text of the Proclamation.

Pictured l-r: Sandra Robinson, Jane Goodwin, and Vera Bowen

Pictured l-r: Dorothy Cole of North Hampton, Carol Weiss of New London, and Susan Johnson of Bow chat during the meeting's social time.

Lighthouses were the theme of the meeting.
Here is a close-up of the table centerpieces created by the floral committee.

“Thank You” to all of my fellow NHFGC members who not only supported their state and regional organizations by attending this meeting—there were 32 of you, and/or by chairing and working on committees, but also supported this effort in many other ways “behind the scenes”. I will be forever grateful to you for making this meeting such a great success—and we made a nice little profit which will primarily benefit NHFGC!

Meeting Registrar – Mary Kaltenbach, Fremont Garden Club
Meeting Treasurer – Jean Lawrie, Bow Garden Club
Floral Committee – Dorothy Cole  (Atkinson GC & Susan Johnson (Bow GC)
Hospitality Committee – Michelle Mensinger (Derry Garden Club)
Vendor Chairman – Fern Doucette (Ashland Garden Club)
Opportunity Drawing Chairman – Blanche Garone (Derry Garden Club)
Program – Carol Croasdale  (Goffstown Community Garden Club)

On a beautiful fall day, September 23, 2015, the New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs held their 82nd Fall Conference at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Derry, NH.  One hundred three attendees were treated to two presentations.  The first was titled "The Future - Heat Recovery from Composting" and given by Matt Smith, a PhD candidate in UNH's College of Life Sciences and Agriculture program in Natural Resources and Earth Systems Science. Then, Jeremy DeLisle, the UNH Cooperative Extension's Education Center Program Coordinator, presented a slideshow called "Ride the Wave" about Community and School Gardens.   District IV and it's Director, Blanche Garone, received many kudos for hosting a terrific meeting.  Go to to view photos from the meeting. The awards were presented by Eleanor Morrison, Awards Chair, to: 

NHFGC General Awards
·        Award 1.a – largest # of members present at May Annual Meeting:  Mountain Garden Club
·        Award 1.b – highest % of members present at May Annual Meeting:  Old Homestead Garden Club

 2014 Flower Show Awards
·        Award 1.B.c Blue Rosette - NHFGC, Inc., State Standard Flower Show "Out of this World” for a show scoring 90 or above.
·        Award 2.A Lilac and Blue Rosette - Atkinson Garden Club, Standard Flower Show “A Tribute to the National Parks” for the highest scoring club show in the state.
·        Award 2.B Lucy Schram Staging Award – Janet Snowdon, Judy Sirois and Marta Fabbrucci, Atkinson Garden Club, for highest scoring staging in a show.
·        Award 2.C Jolly Gardner Schedule Award – Dorothy Cole, Atkinson Garden Club, for the highest scoring schedule for a Standard Flower Show.
·        Award 2.D Mary E. Stone Rosette – Atkinson Garden Club, for the highest scoring Special Exhibit in a Standard Flower Show - “Yellowstone National Park”
·        Award 2.E Virginia Koppenhaver Table Design Award – Mary Ellen Sienkiewicz, Old Homestead Garden Club, for the highest scoring table design “Light Years Away” Exhibition Table, Type II.  (see photo below)
·        Award 2.F Joanne L. Krause Award – Susan Miner, Atkinson Garden Club, for the Flower Show Chairman of the highest scoring flower show.
·        Award 2.G Ann Seibel Silver Bowl, Arranger of the Year Award – Janet Snowdon, Atkinson Garden Club, for the highest scoring design in a Standard Flower Show – class “Badlands National Park”, a parallel design.  (see photo below)
·        Award 2.I  Mary Flynn Horticulturist of the Year Award – Diane McMillen, Atkinson Garden Club, Ceridephylum japonicum, Katsura Tree  (see photo below)


    Mary Ellen Sienkiewicz, Old Homestead Garden Club, Class 5 Light Years Away – An Exhibition Table, Type II, staged on a white pedestal 31”h with a 16” square top, winning her the Virginia Koppenhaver Table Design Award.  Plant Material: Peppers, Strelitzia Foliage

     Janet Snowdon, Atkinson Garden Club, A Parallel Design staged on a shelf 42″ tall with a design area of 22″ wide by 24″ the class “Badlands National Park” winning her “Arranger of the Year”.   Plant material:  Liatris, Sansevieria, Pincushion Protea, Limonium (statice), Petrified Wood .

     Diane McMillen, Atkinson Garden Club, Ceridephylum japonicum, Katsura Tree, which won the Mary Flynn Horticulturist of the Year Award .


Tracey Burhoe, Ashland 2nd Place and 90+ Friday-
Sue Cram,
New Hampton
1st Place Tuesday-
Crown - dried
Sue Cram 2nd Place and 90+
Div I “Susan Sheel Thomas Novice Award”
Fern Doucette, Ashland 2nd Place Tuesday-
Fern Doucette 2nd Place Friday-
Judy Gray,
1st Place Friday-
Susan Johnson,
2nd Place Friday-
Mass Design / Italian Renaissance
Joyce Kimball,
1st Place Friday-
Fairy Garden
Joanne Krause, Atkinson Hon. Mention Tuesday-
Michelle Mensinger, Derry 2nd Place Friday-
 All Foliage
Linda Pare’, Ashland 1st Place +
Div. II “Best of Day Award”
and “Best Interpretation”
Incorporates Frame
Linda Pare’ 3rd Place+ 
Div. I “Diane Bullock Award”, Original interpretation and adventurous combination of plant material and components
Carol Weiss, Claremont 2nd Place+
Div II “Artisans Award”
Hat – dried
Carol Weiss 1st Place Friday-
      * Filled in for others